Fastlane is a Registered Trademark of Integrated Design Limited
Fastlane Compact
The Fastlane Compact design is a rectangular stainless steel enclosure
with the smallest footprint in the Fastlane range, while still maintaining its
market leading performance.
The stainless steel ends can be painted or produced in various types of
material, such as stone, metal and wood, to complement different interior
design concepts.
Fastlane Clearstyle Range
The Fastlane Clearstyle is available as 200 and 400 models.
Clearstyle 200 is designed to provide the most discreet form of security
possible. The construction is a combination of plated steel and clear
Acrylic. The stainless steel end sections can be finished in a variety of
finishes to ensure a perfect match with its surroundings.
Clearstyle 400 has the same level of security as the 200 with a different
design enclosure ideal for mounting access control internally, as well as
giving the unit a slimmer, sleeker look.
Fastlane Elliptical
Elliptical is designed to provide a curved and longer length enclosure for
clients who require a more imposing physical presence, whilst maintaining
the highest speed of throughput. The Elliptical lane provides security guards
with easier unauthorised access detection in a multi-lane scenario as the
illegal entrant is still in the lane when the alarm is indicated. The enclosure
is available either with square or elliptical end.
The modular decorative top allows customers to tailor the unit's appearance
by using virtually any material for the decorative top to help blend the unit in
to the building design.
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