Fastlane Passgate
The Fastlane passgates are available in either a single or double
unit facing each other to allow for gaps of up to 2 metres providing
for sufficient space for wheelchairs, trolleys and bulky goods.
The glass panels are motorised and can open in either direction.
The units can be activated either by an access control system or a
push button at the guard station.
These security gates make an ideal supervised lane to be used in
conjunction with other products from the Fastlane range.
Fastlane Intelligate
The Intelligate is a bi-directional motorized access gate that
allows suitable passage for all people, including wheelchair
users and people with reduced mobility as well as facilitating
the movement of packages etc. into a building.
The Intelligate is designed for lower throughput sites.
Unlike the Passgate systems, the Intelligate uses state of the
art optical technology to monitor the gateway while the glass
barrier is open.
Therefore the system is designed to detect if more than one
person enters or a person goes in the wrong direction,
causing an alarm condition.
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