Fastlane is a Registered Trademark of Integrated Design Limited
                                                                      Fastlane is a Registered Trademark of Integrated Design Limited
Fastlane Glasswing uses glass security barriers in conjunction with state of the art optical
technology to provide a high throughput security gate.
The glass security barriers are designed to work in a normally closed mode and retract inside
the pedestal after a valid card has been presented to allow the authorised user to pass.
The fast moving glass barriers close behind the authorised person to deter tailgating.
The barriers are positioned in the middle of the pedestal to allow true bidirectional control and
automatic free exit if require

Variants : Compact, Standard and Wide; giving lane width between 550 mm to 914 mm.

Compact is a cost effective solution for areas with space constraints and allows for lanes
of 550 mm width.

Standard variant gives a wider lane width of up to 700 mm, which is greater than the
industry standard and provides greater flexibility of movement to users, particularly when they
are carrying briefcases etc.

Wide variant is designed for wheelchair accessible lanes, giving a lane width of 914mm.

Fast Throughput
The Fastlane Speedgate Glasswing feature a Throughput Management system.
When activated the barriers stay open after an authorised entry for a defined period of time to
await another authorised card. This negates the need for the barrier to open and close in
between authorised people at peak traffic times

Disabled Access
Fastlane Speedgate Glasswing can be installed in a number of ways to allow for wheelchair
access, compliant with the Disabilities and Discrimination Act (DDA) as well as most similar
international standards.
Audio and visual feedback is provided as standard.
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