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Door Detective CL:
This is the Classic Door Detective for intruder detection.
It comes with an architect inspired enclosure finished in silver or
black; high quality anodised aluminium mesh.
This unit is ideal for buildings focused on design and aesthetics.
The CL Model includes anti-crawl detection function.
Door Detective EL:
This lower cost option is ideal for when security is
paramount but aesthetics are not a major concern.
The enclosure is finished in a moulded black Perspex

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Most access control systems allow you to control which cards work at which doors, but once a
door is open any number of people can pass through it without presenting a card.
Following an authorised user through a door is known as tailgating and it is very easy to do.
We have all been told that it is good manners to hold doors open for other people and more often
than not good manners win over the good security practice of closing the door firmly behind you
to stop someone else coming in.
Intruders may therefore be willingly let in to a secure area and the access control system is
beaten;allowing tailgating.
Door Detective solves this problem by ensuring each individual who passes through a door must
present their access control card. An act normally known as anti tailgating in security term.
This will give Security and Facilities Managers peace of mind that they are making the most of
their security system.
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