Fastlane is a Registered Trademark of Integrated Design Limited
                                                                      Fastlane is a Registered Trademark of Integrated Design Limited
Fastlane plus Arm Barrier System is available in different models.

400 MA
The 400 MA is our top of the range Fastlane plus variant, with double barrier arm. Includes
premium features such as breakaway arms, deterring tailgating at 150 mm; and 20 detection
IR beams including 4 safety beams. It comes with extra beams for anti-crawl detection.
It is primarily designed to operate in normally closed mode with 4 additional operating modes.
It features a unique self re-setting breakaway arm for emergency egress.
Can be configured as card in/card out or card in/free exit; with hand free operation on exit.

30 MA
The 30 MA is our entry level Fastlane plus variant with single fixed arm and breakaway module
as an optional extra.
It operates 12 detection beams with 4 safety beams, designed to stop the arms from closing
onto a tailgating person, prevent accident.

Fastlane plus units are with narrow pedestal width, the same slim pedestal is used for
creating wheelchair width lanes.
This makes the product ideal for applications in reception areas and lift lobby entrances where
there may be space constraints.

Aesthetics: Fastlane plus is available with either a square or round ended enclosure to suit
different building design concepts.
Optional vanity top to customer's request is available for maximum aesthetic flexibility.
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